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TadGraph boosts your brand with media PR and provides dual-benefit marketing services that attract interested users with highly-efficient target marketing. Big data-driven sophisticated user analysis and targeting provide a better experience for your brand.


TadGraph is a specialized media/digital marketing company, providing optimum marketing services through our diverse and powerful media and marketing alliance network and organizing successful meetings with interested customers and potential users.

Recognized as the official lab in Korea by AFP Relaxnews, a world-famous telecom company, TadGraph is a successful partner for the best public relations and marketing that adds true value to a brand.


From media Public Relations to highly-efficient marketing solutions, we propose the most efficient strategies and solutions to achieve goals through campaign-specific characteristics and analysis.


We help you connect with new and potential customers within an extensive alliance network as well as sophisticated targeting techniques based on Big Data (content, search words, re-targeting, propensity, etc.).


Recognized as the official lab in Korea by AFP Relaxnews, a world-famous telecom company, TadGraph collaborateswith several powerful companies including domestic and overseasmedia and alliance networks.


BM PR (Banner Matching PR)/PR

BM PR(Banner Matching Public Relation)
We offer dual-benefit services that simultaneously exposePR articles and link channels within an article (banners, various advertisements, etc.) through a number of influential media and media networks.

  • Simultaneous media promotions and target marketing.
  • Extensive exposure throughlarge portal search.
  • High efficiency byattracting interested users directly.
  • Official lab of the world's third major telecom company.

TM - Target Marketing Solution

We provide sophisticated target marketing solution services for users that are campaign-specific optimized based on Big Data. By analyzing user-non-identifying data such as search words, interests, visited URLs and propensity, you can conductahighly-efficient campaign fortargeted audiences.

  • Sophisticated user target marketing through big data analysis.
  • 98% of audiencesre-visiting and re-targeting marketing.
  • High advertising efficiency and ROAS maximization.

TA - Time Ads Solution

Based on a strong domestic and overseas partnership network, we provide marketing solutions that expose campaigns to a wide range of users in high-profile environments (time, circumstances, etc.).
The target range is extensive and the utilization level is high when aninflux of numerous usersis required, and it is possible to induce conversion to telemarketing and retargeting marketing after extracting customers through initial message delivery.

  • Campaign exposure in high-profile environment (time, circumstances, etc.)
  • High utilization in case the influx of general users and extensive usersis required.
  • High efficiency in initial campaign message delivery and prospecting.

PR(Public Relation) & DA(Display Ads)

Highly efficient branding and sales are possible through Display Ads (DA) using TadGraph's extensive and powerful media and alliance network and public relations (PR) using high-profile inventories.

  • Media promotion through available powerful media network.
  • DA through various and high-profile inventories.


TadGraph's powerful and various marketing products can be found in more detail through service proposals.


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